Spring at St Mary's Dog Park


Now that the rainy season is truly behind us one of my favorite dog parks in the city is open again (actually, it's been open for a few weeks but I didn't get chance to go down there again until yesterday). St Mary's is one of those great little secrets in San Francisco. Technically it's an outlying part of Bernal Heights wedged in between Mission St and 280 but the neighborhood has its own distinct flavor. The best part is the rec center which has an upper level dedicated to humans and lower one with a nice, grassy, fenced-in dog park. The dogs love it and you can actually see people take a deep breath and chill out when they walk throught the gate. I get the vast majority of my smiling dog shots here. It just makes the pups happy...

Ok. So I drool when I'm happy. So what?

Dog running with spit ball

In a clearing stands a boxer...

Boxer Smiling

Clearly, I don't need a bath

Dog with droll

So, then I told them it was a package deal. They either hire both of us or they can forget about it

basenji and puggle



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