Think Good Thoughts for Pua!!


I hate having to write these sort of posts but a recent client of mine, Pua, was hit by a car this week and is in need of some positive pet thoughts as she fights on in a Vet ICU in the East Bay.  Pua was a My Mutt poster girl -- she was rescued by an awesome couple who just love her and could use all the good energy they can get. Please send your alpha waves to Berkeley and think of go, girl .




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22 thoughts on “Think Good Thoughts for Pua!!

  1. Jamie

    Much love and healing energy coming your way from Seattle sweet Pua! May you fight with all you’ve got. Our love and support goes to your parents too in this difficult time. Wishing the best for you all.


    Fergie and Jamie

  2. Tamandra

    If anyplace has good, healing energy, it’s Berkeley. I’m sending some for sure. That’s gotta be so frightening, our worst nightmare. Get better Pua!

  3. Paula

    Of all the streaming tears from losing pets over the years, my heart goes out to you. I do fervently hope by this posting, your Pua has turned the corner and is recovering. Losing a pet-no one who has no pet or desire for one knows what they’re missing. There’s no better friend, no bigger heart than that of a dog. Live Pua, live for your people.

  4. Laura

    What a beautiful girl, and I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers and hope that she stays strong and recovers.

  5. Debbie, Chugs and Tramp

    Come on lady, we are yipping for you. We are sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way. Think positive thoughts and of getting out and playing with your friends. Mom sends her love and support to your parents.

    Lots of wet puppy kisses and love,

    Chugs, Tramp and Debbie ( our mommy who typed this for us)

  6. Barbara, Tipper, Oreo and Lady

    Much love, healing prayers, karma and good thoughts soming to you from my crew.

  7. Jake and Mama

    We send all of our energy and love from Iowa. Hang in there Pua and know we love you.

  8. paula

    Sending Lots of love and healing energy to you Pua,and to your parents lots of love n support from my baby Sky and from all gods creatures.

  9. Amanda

    Get better sweet Pua. We are thinking of you and your family. Sending all the positive thoughts we have.

  10. Mollydog

    Hang in there Pua! Molly and me are sending all the positive energy we can so you will get well as soon as possible. Our best thoughts and wishes are with you and your family. Get well soon sweetie!

  11. Joy and Tiger

    Prayers and thoughts of you are in my heart and head. Get well little one, no Rainbow Bridge for you just yet. You have many more sticks to fetch and boxes and boxes of treats to eat.

    Love from Joy and Tiger The Service Dog.

  12. Delta

    All the heelers here are wishing you the best and hope you make it through this. Wish you could come and work with us. I, Stranger,mommy’s blue heeler, prettiest one here too, saved daddy’s JR from getting hit by a car. I heeled her the whole way home. She hasn’t forgot that. Now all mommy has to do is rattlle Stranger’s chain link gate and I come running back…….fast. Stay alive and with us for a long time. We will all be thinking of you.

  13. Delta

    All of the Heelers and their mommy and daddy wish you the best. I (Stranger, mommy’s heeler and the prettiest one here ) saved daddys Jack Russell froom getting hit by a car. Mommy saw what was bound to happen and sent me after her. I got there just in time. A car almost hit her. I heeled her home none to gently when I was five months old. Wish I could have heeled you out of harms way. Please get well. We are all pulling for you.

  14. Laddie, Jewel, Forest & Robin

    We want you to know that we’re very sorry that you have boo boos!!! Please rest your body and keep your mind at rest so that you gain strength! Us 3 doggies and our Mom wish that there was something we could do for you and your Mom and Dad but, since we live too far away we guess our prayers and positive thoughts will have to do. We’ll lift our heads into the wind and bark for you!!!!! Mom can’t bark but she’ll say a prayer.
    With much love!!!!!!! Laddie, Jewel, Forest & Robin.

  15. Cheyenne & Cinnamon

    Keep fighting, Pua! Our prayers are aimed towards you, and so our healing vibes. We know you can pull through! Hang on, sweetheart!!!

  16. Samantha

    Our thoughts, prayers & good wishes for speedy recovery… 😉 Please let the owners know, they are in our prayers & so is there 4 legged furry child 😉 Muahz!!!

  17. Cheryl

    My thoughts and prayers are for you to regain your strength and turn the corner of health and complete recovery. Such a pretty dog you are and how your family must be hurting. Join them again reeeel soon. Yes the GOD-DOG clip is great for this

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