Images of San Francisco's Homeless and Their Pets

tabby cat

I've volunteered for San Francisco's VET SOS (Veterinary Street Outreach Services) for over 6 years and despite all that time, each clinic I attend and photograph never ceases to blow me away. The intensity of the bond between the homeless humans and their animals rivals anything you've ever seen and, in many instances is life saving for one or both of them.

At these clinics, VETSOS's all-volunteer staff offers free veterinary service to anywhere from 30-60 animals belonging to homeless San Franciscans. If you're interested in getting involved or donating money or supplies, please visit the VETSOS website to learn more.  Below are shots of clients and their pets from a recent clinic.

Man with pitbull woman with terrier

Russian Blue Cat with Woman Homeless man with cat



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12 thoughts on “Images of San Francisco's Homeless and Their Pets

  1. Deborah Darsie

    Thank you for sharing these insightful portraits of love. I wish I had that kind of space at the ‘Pets for Life’ events that I have photographed twice this year.
    I love the photos Guido has shared – you do whimsical and serious portraits that inspire me to stretch my imagination a bit more!

  2. Mary Lou Foy

    What a great idea, and what wonderful photos. Yes, we’ve all probably noticed that many street people have a pet with them. Photographing them is a terrific way to show what animals can mean in Everyone’s lives — total love and acceptance. Good work!

  3. Michelle Quenneville

    These photo’s are wonderful ,I can see the devotion in the humans eyes and how much they need their Furbabies as much as the Furbabies need them . Beautiful photo’s !!!!!!

  4. Mary Page

    You are amazing, Mark. You captured the beauty of the people as well as their love of their pet. Well done. Love, Mary Page

  5. Mark Post author

    Appreciate all the positive feedback, folks. VETS SOS does amazing work and I’m just glad to be a part of it. I’ll keep posting the images from the clinics I attend: another one is coming up soon!

  6. Lisa Moeller

    These are beautiful photographs! How great for you to be involved with this program for 6 years. Are you aware of this organization?

    They are active through out the USA and Canada. It was one of their photographs that got me involved with them – I’m just wondering if somehow your photographs might be helpful to them, and you could get more exposure of your photographs?

  7. Mark Post author

    Wow, Lisa, thanks for letting me know about this. I had not heard of them and will definitely check and see if anyone at VETSOS has reached out to them.

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