Shooting Posters for Pet Food Express Grand Opening


When Pet Food Express debuts a new store I usually get to be the lucky guy who photographs the initial set of My Mutt posters for the grand opening. These shoots tend to be a lot fun but also challenging because they need to include location-specific landmarks and usually involve a fairly last-minute shoot and a bunch of dogs and their human companions showing up at the same time in a busy area. Getting the scale right between the dogs and the background plus dealing with crowds all while keeping the dogs' attention can make a pet photographer sweat but it's still a kick.

This new store is in Sequoia Station (Redwood City) and for our shoot we were lucky enough to have two Redwood City police K-9s there along with a number of other dogs. Thanks also to the Redwood City Fire Department for opening the station door and letting us use their hook and ladder as a prop. And, last but not least, major props to Jackie the Sussex Spaniel for posing up on top of the library sign for 15 minutes without batting an eye. Much braver than me...

Sussex Spaniel on Library Sigh Police K9 at Museum Yellow Labrador in front of Fire Truck Police K9 German Shepherd in Bullet Proof Vest




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